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What is Web Hosting?

A great hosting service allows you to easily set up your site and grow server capabilities without much hassle. But since different websites have different needs – what is best for me may not be right for you. The 20 “Best Web Hosting Providers” introductory page may be useful for people who are just browsing around. Serious hosting buyers need more details. 

Why to Create a Website?

This is a fundamental question. Each website is designed with different needs in mind. Most of them are made to make money. If you are running a business or providing a service and want information about your business and services to reach as many people as possible while making the business or service a success, then the website is exactly what you need.

How to Choose?

Once the domain name is registered, you have to rent space for the website, which is called website hosting. Where you can store your website data. It is actually part of the computer server’s hard disk. Which stays connected to the Internet at all times so that Internet users can view the content on your website at any time. Many local and international companies provide hosting services in Pakistan. Among them, GoDaddy is a well-known company. The cost of hosting depends on the content of your website. A small website, which has only a little bit of text and pictures, the hosting rent, is usually Rs. 1500 for a year. If you want to burn multimedia data like audio, video on your website, then hosting will be expensive. The price of this type of hosting starts from around Rs. 10,000. Some companies (such as GoDaddy) offer free domain name registration for the first year with hosting. Which saves about 1600 rupees?

Before Choosing a Web Host:

Here are listed some points to consider while making your mind to buy a web hosting service.

1.       The length of time the web host’s server provides the service, or the length of time the web host’s server is active, or the site hosted on it is available on the Internet, is called its uptime. And it’s important to be online 365 days a year.

2.       Before choosing a host, ask them about network connections, whether they are connected to a single national backbone, or whether they have other choices.

3.       Free web hosts often set limits for a particular extension file. You cannot upload executable files to free web hosts. There is also a limit on the size of the file. Due to this limitation, you can only upload a few hundred kilobytes of files.

4.       FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Just as HTTP transmits web pages over the Internet, FTP is used to transmit files over the Internet. This feature allows you to upload and download files from your web host to an FTP client or from Internet Explorer.

5.       A simple way to estimate how much bandwidth you will need for your website is to put all the web pages and their associated images and other files in one folder.


Hosting is the name of a specific place on a computer where your website and emails are stored, and that specific place contains content on online servers that you can use through an address called Internet in computer language Protocol (IP) Address. This specific IP helps you and your customers provide a service called hosting. Before you get hosting, you need to know how many pages your website has and how much content it contains, so it’s best to hire or buy assignment service.

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